Get your TripleO lab

6 June 2018, in openstack, tripleo

As a developper, we need to be able to test and validate our code.

In some project, it’s easy - you bootstrap a server somewhere, you push your code, it builds, you check the output, blah.

But in TripleO and OpenStack world, it’s a bit more complicated:

Currently, there’s already the quickstart project. It works well, but in fact, it goes too far, at least for my use.

I ended up creating a new ansible receipt that will just deploy empty VMs:

This basic setup allows me to test and validate a lot of cases, such as:

Of course, I have a kind of a monster in order to deploy that lab - but in the end, it’s worth the expense.

The deploy is based on libvirt with the default network. It will also create a dedicated user on your build machine, and let it access libvirt management.

In addition, it will push in your ~/.ssh/config some configuration in order to let you access directly the undercloud node - this node is the only one running when the playbook is over. The other nodes needing a deploy, it’s not worth the resources to start them directly.

The undercloud VM will only get the tools and “stack” user, letting you manage the undercloud install in whatever way you want (baremetal, containers, with specific package version, and so on).

There are still a couple of issues for now, especially regarding the SSH jump to the undercloud for some ansible tasks, but it works pretty well in the end.